Research database management and data-analysis

Research database management

The team information management and strategic data-analysis (IDA) is responsible for the management, development and optimisation of internal research databases and administrative processes. In addition, this team focuses on the completeness and the quality control of the data in these databases.

This all with the intention to:

  • be able to comply with reporting requirements;
  • be able to use the registered data optimally and efficiently for data analysis;
  • reduce the administrative burden on researchers and administrative staff.

More information about the UHasselt research databases and their use can be found on the UHasselt intranet.

More information on research databases, reporting and data analysis?

For more information on research databases, reporting and data analysis, please contact


Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS) is a Flemish information portal about researchers and their research in Flanders.

Which information do you find in FRIS?

The FRIS research portal contains information on publicly funded scientific research in Flanders. On the current website you can find information about researchers, research units, research projects and publications. In addition, the portal also contains an "Expert finder", a tool that allows you to find an "expert" (person or organisation) based on a particular scientific discipline.

FRIS included in the W&I decree

In the so called W&I decree (decree of April 30, 2009 on the organisation and financing of science and innovation policy), a provision was inserted in early 2019 that requires the institutions covered by the decree (including universities and university colleges) to provide research information to the Flemish government digitally and incrementally. It specifically concerns the metadata of the research conducted within the institutions, not the actual research results themselves. The supplied data are made accessible via the FRIS-portal.

How do I get my data in FRIS?

Would you like to make your data visible on the FRIS research portal? You can! The UHasselt databases are in direct contact with the FRIS research portal. When you submit your research data to the UHasselt databases, they will automatically appear on the FRIS portal.

More information on FRIS?

Would you like to have more information about the FRIS research portal? On the FRIS website you will find a broad range of information.

Do you have specific FRIS-related questions? Feel free to contact the Information Management and Strategic Data Analysis team (, they will be happy to help you!