Postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders

Explore regenerative and distributive ways of building

Postgraduate certificate • 30 ECTS • English Programme

The Building Beyond Borders postgraduate certificate is a bi-annual learn-and-act programme for graduates and professionals who want to become a change-maker in the built environment.
The programme includes a series of theoretical sessions, lectures, workshops, hands-on experiments and design explorations.

Supported by academic insights in regenerative and distributive solutions for our built environment, participants take up the role of designer, manager of a building community, coordinator of participatory processes or hands-on construction workshops, developer or producer of new building materials.
They concretize their role in designing and realizing a real-life project while collaborating with local stakeholders, craftsmen, multidisciplinary experts and professionals.

The projects will be long-term monitored by the Building Beyond Borders research team to improve the positive impact of future editions and to share the knowledge with initiators around the world.
In doing so, exemplary built interventions and related research will contribute not only to the participants’ personal development but also to science and society in a broader perspective.

Every bi-annual postgraduate programme has a unique focus. In the intermediate year, we reflect upon the past topic and realization in our international fall symposium.

Building Beyond Borders offers this comprehensive programme (30 ECTS) to graduated students and professionals. It is structured in three modules: theory & design, act & develop, build & reflect. The first 2 modules are organized as one-day classroom sessions and workshop weeks. The third module is a four-week hands-on internship.

Visit the Building Beyond Borders website for more information.

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