Master of Management

Why study Master of Management at UHasselt?

One year (60 ECTS) • English programme

  • Learn to identify and deconstruct complex business problems, stemming from both an organizational and a strategic origin.
  • Become capable of evaluating, selecting, and applying suitable methodologies, tools, and techniques to analyse complex business problems in order to make hands-on, high-quality recommendations to improve both tactic and strategic decisions.
  • Learn to defend suitable, high-quality business strategy optionson the basis of their implications.
  • Translate strategic decisions into lower-level goals and key performance indicators.
  • Graduate with the capability of working in a multinational and interdisciplinary context, with an attitude that reflects the following elements: critical reflection, constructive arguing, professional communication, efficient collaboration, effective self-management, ethical behaviour and sustainability.
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About the programme

Management around the world

The Master of Management is an international one-year master programme (in English) that prepares students for a career in dynamic, international business environments. The programme focuses on confronting students with challenging strategic business problems to familiarize them with all major aspects of a business. The programme is tailored at bachelor and master graduates who aim to widen their scope of international management as well as to deepen their knowledge of and capabilities in Business Process Management (BPM), Strategy and Innovation Management (SIM) or International Marketing Strategy (IMS) - three specialization tracks of the programme. The programme does not only apply to (business) economics students but also to university graduates in non-economic subject areas, such as engineers, psychologists…

Our approach to teaching

We want to create a powerful and activating educational learning environment with a range of interactive teaching methods. Work sessions, which are organized interactively and in smaller groups, help you process the study material. You are not alone during your journey. Student-faculty interactions are a cornerstone of the educational concept of Hasselt University. The teachers and assistants are always ready to help you with both substantive, subject-related questions and with other questions that may promote your study success. The threshold between students and faculty is kept low, inside and outside courses.


Students can choose between a specialization in:

Business Process Management (BPM)

The major Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on the managerial and corporate role of information and information systems and technologies in the corporate world, with an emphasis on business processes. The program addresses the way in which particular opportunities and threats in this context should be managed and governed. Graduates gain insight into the interaction between data, processes, information systems, and the way new information technologies create new opportunities for cross-functional business processes. Graduates are trained to analyse problems and to reflect critically on situations by offering a broad set of methodologies and techniques to apply in a process context. Eventually, graduates learn to understand how information systems and technology can support and fuel strategy making, innovation, and new business models in an international context.

Strategy and Innovation Management (SIM)

The specialization SIM prepares graduates to, not only, respond to the current, rapidly changing business environment, but also to capture innovation opportunities and be the driving force behind change. Complementary to a general perspective on strategy and innovation management, this specialization offers in depth knowledge on (open) innovation, innovation ecosystems, business model innovation, strategic innovation, change management and (corporate) entrepreneurship. This specialization offers a broad set of analytical tools and teaching approaches: besides lecturing, instructors make use of teaching cases, guest lectures, videos, simulation games, experiential learning techniques, and analysis of recent online articles to apply the lessons learned to real-world situations, industries and organizations.

International Marketing Strategy (IMS)

The specialization IMS focuses on business and marketing strategies in an international environment. Complementary to a more general marketing perspective, this specialisation digs deeper into marketing strategies, processes and the relationships between organizations with an emphasis on the business-to-business context. This major confronts graduates with challenging strategic business problems in the marketing domain in interaction with other functions such as business strategy and innovation management. IMS also trains students in analysing these problems by offering a broad set of analytical tools and knowledge with respect to the usefulness of these tools in different contexts, eventually to generate high-level contributions to ongoing business modelling in an international context.

Course outline

Study programme

You can find all information regarding the study programma in the study guide.

How do ECTS credits work?

The university decree for Flanders is built around a credit point system that is based on the principles of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Each year of a full-time degree programme counts 60 ECTS. Ideally, these credits are equally spread over two semesters: 30 ECTS per semester. One credit represents a study load of 25 to 30 hours. This includes time spent in class, personal work and exams.

Career prospects

This programme enables students to function optimally within organizations and to assume management functions, especially in the context of dynamic international markets.  Competences such as project team work, creative business problem solving and management reporting will be developed. Alumni occupy prominent functions in companies all around the world. They testify to the dynamism of our high-level training.

Graduates with the specialization International Marketing Strategy (IMS) take up marketing management functions in high-tech multinational firms.  Graduates with the specialization Management Information Systems (MIS) become ICT consultants or ICT project managers.

All the courses, workshops and trainings that we get during our education focus on developing our knowledge further with group works, real-life cases of well-established and well-known companies. And with a dedicated and committed staff of professors which make our journey to our career aims much easier to be achieved.
Xhoana Trezhnjeva, Albania

Admission and enrolment

Motivation letter

As a candidate, you submit a letter in English (3 pages max). You explain your motivation for this degree program and your achievements and competencies beyond those that can be expected given your (proven) language proficiency and degree.

Language requirements

Sufficient knowledge of English is required and is to be certified by one of the below-mentioned tests.

  • Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) certificate.
  • IELTS-certificate (min. overall band score 6.5). Note that we only accept academic  IELTS-test results.
  • a TOEFL-score report (internet base: score 89). Note that we only accept academic TOEFL-test results.

At home testing and other alternative testing methods offered by these centres during the COVID-19 pandemic will be accepted for the 2022-2023 intake.

Degree requirements

Meeting the language requirements and given a positively assessed motivation letter, you are admitted …

For students with a Flemish degree:

  • to the master program if you hold an academic bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, Business Economics, Business Engineering or equivalent.
  • to the preparatory program (45 EC) if you hold an academic degree in a domain outside of economics and business management. The received degree program should have quantitative data analysis (of any kind) in the curriculum.
  • to the bridging program (45 EC) if you hold a non-academic higher education degree of at least 180 EC that mainly and explicitly focuses on business (information) management. The received degree program should have quantitative data analysis (of any kind) in the curriculum.

For students with a non-Flemish degree:

  • to the preparatory program (45 EC) if you hold an academic degree (bachelor or master of philosophy, science or arts) in Economics, Business Administration, Business Management or equivalent. You have received this degree after a study of at least 180 EC (or three years of full-time study) at a university or official higher education institute. The received degree program should have research methodology or sufficient quantitative data analysis (or equivalent) explicitly mentioned in the curriculum. Based on a detailed Record of Courses, the Examination Board may (partially) exempt accepted candidates from the preparatory program.
  • to the preparatory program (45 EC) if you hold an academic degree (bachelor or master of science or philosophy) in a domain outside of economics or business management. You have received this degree after a study of at least 180 EC (or three years of full-time study) at a university or official higher education institute. The received degree program should have empirical research methodology or sufficient quantitative data analysis (or equivalent) in the curriculum.

For more information about the admission and enrolment procedure, please follow the link below

Take me to the admission procedure

Preparation programme

Students aspiring to participate need sufficient background knowledge of economics, business and management and academic competences. You can acquire the necessary knowledge and competences by successfully concluding a preparation programme.

Students with an academic degree can obtain exemptions in the preparation programme. Decisions about admission and exemptions are made by the Examination Board of the programme on an individual basis.

Student and teacher stories

Xhoana Trezhnjeva

International Marketing Strategy Albania

Through my studies I have developed my skills as a researcher, as a consultant, as a marketeer and maybe as a future entrepreneur.

Anson Yip

Strategy and Innovation Management Hongkong

You can learn so much practical things because they give you so many real-life cases from the real world.

Martijn Rubbrecht

Business Process Management Belgium

The Master of Management offers a wide spectrum of topics such as accounting, economics and business models and this can really help you improve being a manager.

Piet Pauwels

Dean and Prof. International Marketing/Business

The main idea of the master programme is to preprare students for a real management high level international career.

About studying in Hasselt

Students from all over the world come to Hasselt to study the Master of Management.

Why study in Hasselt?

Hasselt is known for its hospitality, making international students feel right at home.

  • Located in the heart of the EU-region
  • Ranked 47th best university under 50 years
  • 15% international students from 75 different countries
  • 550 PhD students

Map showing where UHasselt in located

New to Belgium?

Are you new to Belgium and still finding your way? The Buddy Program helps international students get around on campus and the city of Hasselt.

Every academic year, UHasselt welcomes hundreds of students from all over the world. The goal of the Buddy Program is to help international students integrate into Flemish student life. The Buddy in turn gets the opportunity to practice another language and get to know new cultures. The Buddy is a UHasselt student who is willing to offer support to a new international student. The internationalization department will do its best to find a good match for each Buddy and international student. At the beginning of each semester, a Buddy meeting will be organized where all Buddies and international students will be invited to get to know each other personally. In addition, various activities will be organized for you to participate in during the semester/academic year, but you will decide how much interaction and support is needed.

Interested in applying for a Buddy? Then register through your pre-registration file. The internationalization service will try to find a perfect match and then you will receive an email with your Buddy's contact details, while your Buddy will receive an email with your contact details. From then on, it is up to you to contact and get to know each other. Upon arrival, we will also organize a welcome event for you and your Buddy.

Where to find us?

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  • Easy accessible by train, bike, bus and car
  • 20 minute bike ride from Hasselt City center

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