2023-10-02: On Campus access to the legal database Lex Now

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Starting from October 1st 2023, the University Library will provide on-campus access to the legal database LexNow.

This unique platform brings together various legal domains, including tax law, social law, corporate law, financial law, IP/IT, civil law, fund investment law, and real estate law.

Through LexNow, users gain swift and efficient access to a wealth of legal information in one central location.

You can consult books and journals from a variety of legal publishers, including Anthemis, die Keure / la Charte, LeA Uitgevers, Boom Juridisch, Politeia, and Story Publishers.

The platform utilizes technology to simplify access to and the utilization of legal information, making it a powerful tool for anyone involved in the field of law.

If all goes as planned, we will also be able to offer off-campus access for students starting from January.