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23 Feb

2024-02-23: New in RBL | Co'lab boxes & M'eating room

The RBL aims to optimally fulfill its role as an accessible meeting point. Therefore, we have recently introduced a number of new features. The two brand-new 'co'lab boxes' at the back of the library are ideally suited for all kinds of group work activities. In the social space (the 'm'eating room'), you can relax or have a chat, but also eat your own brought lunch or drink coffee.

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05 Jan

2024-01-05: REMINDER: Jurisquare discontinued on January 5th.

Earlier this year, the shareholders of the legal database Jurisquare decided to discontinue the service via the platform. This means that for UHasselt, after the expiration of our current license on January 5, 2024, lecturers, researchers, and students no longer have access to this database.

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02 Oct

Starting on October 1st 2023, the University Library will grant on-campus access to the legal database LexNow. Here, you can access books and journals from a range of legal publishers, including Anthemis, die Keure / la Charte, LeA Uitgevers, Boom Juridisch, Politeia, and Story Publishers.

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19 Sep

2023-09-19: Introduction sessions RBL for first-year Law students on Tuesday, September 26th.

On Tuesday, September 26th, introductory sessions will be held at the Limburg Law Library for first-year law students.

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04 Aug

2023-08-04: Employees, law students, and Social Sciences students are no longer automatically members of the Hasselt Limburg Library.

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09 Jun

2023-06-09: Adjusted opening hours for the summer period

During the summer period, adjusted opening hours are in effect. Below you will find the specific holiday schedule for each sub-library.

13 Feb

UHasselt recently acquired an online subscription to the Omnilegie database. The so-called 'blue codes (Blauwe Wetboeken) of Die Keure' serve as the foundation for this database.

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16 Nov

2022-11-16: replaces GoPress Academic

On Monday, 21st November, UHasselt will transition to the digital press database From now on, you will have access to the consolidated content of all Belgian news brands through this online news platform.

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10 Oct

2022-10-10: Open Access Week: event 'Open Science: connecting the actors'

During the international Open Access Week 2022, the Belgian universities, in collaboration with the Royal Library, are organizing the event 'Open Science: connecting the actors', on November 21, 2022 in the Royal Library in Brussels.

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28 Mar

2022-03-28: Increase the visibility of your datasets through the UHasselt metadata repository.

Describe your datasets in the metadata repository to have them displayed on your researcher profile and linked to your publications. You can upload your data in just 3 simple steps.

18 Mar

2022-03-18: Online access to a personal Legidex account.

Since April 2019, Legidex's Legal Tech has been available to UHasselt students and academics through the Limburg Law Library.

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25 Feb

On Tuesday, 1st March, introductory sessions will be held at Law Library Limburg for the PXL students of Legal Practice.