2022-11-25: Transition to SciFinder-n

Csm 223X430 Scifinder N Logo 284F7c74be Csm 223X430 Scifinder N Logo 284F7c74be

On Monday 19 December, UHasselt will switch to SciFinder-n. Thereafter, links in the e-Sources overview and elsewhere on the library website will redirect to the new interface. Predecessor SciFinder will remain available until the end of December. After that, access to the familiar environment will be discontinued by the publisher.

Your account and login for classic SciFinder will remain valid for SciFinder-n.

More features in a user-friendly interface

In addition to the reference, substance, reaction and supplier content found in SciFinder, SciFinder-n includes:

  • relevance-ranked results;
  • step-by-step procedures and protocols;
  • citation mapping;
  • biosequence searching;
  • retrosynthetic analysis;
  • patent landscape mapping;
  • touch-screen enabled structure drawing

… and much more—all accessible in a simple, easy-to-use interface.