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01 Dec

2023-12-01: Jurisquare will be discontinued on January 5th.

Earlier this year, the shareholders of the legal database Jurisquare decided to discontinue the service via the platform. This means that for UHasselt, after the current license expires on January 5, 2024, lecturers, researchers, and students will no longer have access to this database.

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28 Nov

2023-11-28: 12 december, 7 PM | Christmas Movie Night in support of 'De Warmste Week' (with StuRa)

As the minimum temperatures head towards zero, it's slowly becoming time for the coziest period of the year. On December 12th, StuRa and the University Library will fully immerse you in the atmosphere with a snug Christmas Movie Night in support of 'De Warmste Week'.

Jstor 3
06 Nov

2023-11-06: Unlimited access to JSTOR Archival Journal & Primary Source Collection

UHasselt will maintain full access to all journals in JSTOR and open-access e-books

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04 Aug

2023-08-04: Changes in membership of the Hasselt Limburg Library.

Starting from the academic year 2023-2024 all employees and students of UHasselt can still become members of the BHL for free, but unlike previous years, this will no longer happen automatically.

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09 Jun

2023-06-09: Adjusted opening hours for the summer period

During the summer period, adjusted opening hours are in effect. Below you will find the specific holiday schedule for each sub-library.

Duurzame Week
03 May

2023-05-03: Sustainable week: Introducing the UHasselt Little Free Library

The University Library is also enthusiastic about supporting the Sustainable Week. Starting from 8th May, you'll find our very own Book Exchange Cabinet in the photocopying area of the Campus Library.

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24 Apr

2023-04-24: New in the e-collection: Emerald Business, Management & Strategy

In addition to the Emerald 120 offering, you can now access the journals from the e-journal package 'Emerald Business, Management & Strategy' through the University Library.

13 Feb

UHasselt recently acquired an online subscription to the Omnilegie database. The so-called 'blue codes (Blauwe Wetboeken) of Die Keure' serve as the foundation for this database.

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12 Jan

2023-01-12: New version of the RDM policy plan

The Research Data Management (RDM) policy plan of the University of Hasselt outlines a framework for all researchers to ensure the quality, availability, and accessibility of their research data. It provides a foundation to assess compliance with laws and regulations (such as GDPR) and ethical codes.

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07 Dec

2022-12-07: 12 & 13 November: Second-hand book fair in support of Music for Life (De Warmste Week)

Looking for fresh reading material? Then mark your calendars for 12th and 13th December at the Agora, as the University Library and the OBI department are organizing a second-hand book fair.

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25 Nov

2022-11-25: Transition to SciFinder-n

On Monday, 19th December, UHasselt will transition to SciFinder-n. From that point onwards, the links in the e-Resources overview and other locations on the library website will redirect to the new interface.

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16 Nov

2022-11-16: replaces GoPress Academic

On Monday, 21st November, UHasselt will transition to the digital press database From now on, you will have access to the consolidated content of all Belgian news brands through this online news platform.