Generative Artificial Intelligence in Research

Currently, we are in the process of developing Guidelines concerning the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) at Hasselt University. These guidelines will highlight both the possibilities and pitfalls of the use of these GenAI tools and foster the responsible use of generative artificial intelligence tools for research purposes.

Last year (in 2023), the education department of Hasselt University published the first version of the UHasselt Framework on using GenAI in education (available to staff members via intranet).

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Responsible use of GenAI in Research

Four key principles


Verifying and reproducing the information produced by AI. Also includes: bias, equality and non-discrimination


Disclosing that GenAI was used in what part of research (development, process, evaluation, communication)


Taking into account the limitations of AI, its environmental impact and societal effects


Human agency at the forefront, taking responsibility for all output produced

Recommendation for Researchers

Remain responsible

Researchers are ultimately responsible for the integrity generated by the AI tools. They must be literate about using GenAI, thereby being aware of its limitations and biases. GenAI can never become an author/co-author because it cannot take responsibility. Material generated by AI that is false, cannot be used as a source.

Use transparently

Be transparent when GenAI is used substantially in a research project, indicating its role, name, version, etc. Show awareness of the random nature of AI-generated content.

Pay attention to IPR and privacy

Uploaded work into AI tools can be used for other purposes. Permission has to be given from third parties when using their personal data. Be aware of the privacy settings of the AI tool.

Respect existing regulations

Pay particular attention to potential plagiarism when using outputs generated by AI.

Get trained

Update yourself regularly on GenAI and share knowledge.

Avoid GenAI when performing sensitive activities

Do not use GenAI for sensitive activities such as evaluation or assessment of papers (peer review).

Survey on the use of GenAI @ UHasselt in Research & Education

Please share your input on how you currently use or want to use GenAI in Research & Education at Hasselt University.

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