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I am Greg Van Houdt, and I graduated from the Business & Information Systems Engineering program at Hasselt University in 2019. I have always been interested in Business Information Systems and how they can improve the quality of business processes & decision-making and the quality of life of the employees using such systems. This interest became more and more apparent when I was involved at one of the largest car dealerships, Van Mossel Automotive Group, during my summer jobs for five consecutive years. There, I worked on IT systems, increasing the collaboration and coordination amongst sales and administrative employees, even across different dealership sites. To me, starting a Ph.D. in this field just made sense. And now, I am already in my third year of the Ph.D. program.


Discipline codes: Data mining (01020102), Machine learning and decision making (01020104), Information technologies (01020404), Knowledge management (01020405), Business information management (05020601)


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