Re-Worlding Lecture & seminar: Re-institutioning: IP, dissemination and valorisation in the cultural sector

Re-worlding is a series of seminars and lectures to stimulate reflection and debate on research in art, architecture and design.

17 maart 2022
15:00 - 20:00
Campus Oude Gevangenis, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt
Tobias Van Royen Tobias Van Royen

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Lecture by Tobias Van Royen and Jan Pauly: Opportunities for researchers and artists from digital (r)evolutions

A rapper dressed in a motioncapture costume doing a live concert in an online videogame platform (Roblox). Architects using online worlds where people can freely roam with their avatars (Metaverse) as a place to present utopian architecture and urban planning. Bands using applications and fora to build communities and tokenizing rights and interactions. Visual artists selling ‘digital artworks?’ (NFT’s) on platforms such as Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, … .

Things are stirring in the evolution of the web and internet (web3). But can this digital (r)evolution provide opportunities in search of new governing models, solutions for provenance of research, new revenue models, protection of moral authors rights, et cetera?

In this talk Jan Pauly (VI.BE & PXL Music) & Tobias Van Royen (Twee-eiige Drieling – guide you through some basic notions for understanding this evolutions, and guide you through some (best) practices to ultimately let you reflect on the opportunities of these new applications for your practice as an architect, researcher, artist, musician, (fashion) designer, writer.

  • Timing lecture: 19h00 - 20h00
  • Open to all

PhD Seminar by Tobias Van Royen: Intellectual property rights in the cultural sector

Did you know that many research results are protected by intellectual property rights? And are you aware of the advantages that such intellectual property rights entail, such as the legal monopoly that they create? During this session, first a brief and basic introduction in intellectual property rights is given, with a particular focus on copyright. This introduction is followed by an interactive session/workshop, during which participants will critically reflect in small groups on the topic.

  • Timing Seminar: 15h-17h
  • Open to PhD students of all organizing partner schools.


Tobias Van Royen studied law at the University of Antwerp, did an LLM in Tax law and holds a degree in Culture Management. He started his career in the creative sector as a consultant at Cultuurloket. Nowadays he is co-founder of the legal consultancy firm Twee-eiige Drieling (TWIIID), where he provides artists, creative enterprises and arts organizations with legal advice. TWIIID is also frequently asked to conduct fundamental research and to partake in residencies (Kunsthal Gent, F.eks Aalborg, et cetera), where they reflect on the artistic practice and experiment with providing an artistic framework around the legal practice. Results and films of this research can be found on

He also works at the University of Antwerp where he lectures the legal framework of the culture sector.

Jan Pauly works at VI.BE (the expertise centre and point of contact for artists & music industry professionals) where he is responsible for knowledge management and research & development. He is fascinated by trends on the crossroads of tech, business models and entrepreneurship in the music industry. Jan also holds a position as lecturer in music business at PXL-Music university college (Hasselt) and VIVES university of applied sciences (Kortrijk).


  • Thursday 17th March 2022
  • Location: Campus Old Prison, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt
  • Doctoral Seminar: 15h00 - 17h00 room FR0.02, open to PhD students
  • Lecture: 19h00 - 20h00 auditorium Roppe, open to all. Presence in the auditorium is encouraged, but digital participation is possible as well via Google Meet

For UHasselt PhD students attending the seminar and the lecture, participation counts towards the Doctoral School requirement of Advanced discipline-specific knowledge or IP, valorisation & science communication

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