Project R-9263


De voor- en nadelen van grensoverschrijdend wonen en werken in Limburg (Onderzoek)


Limburg is part of the so-called 'Euregion', that is confronted with cross-border workers, cross-border transfers of seat, cross-border mobility, ... Hasselt University, as civic university, plays a key role in the social, economic and cultural development of this region. Current legislation does not always take into account these specific problems that arise within the context of cross-border living and working. With this project Hasselt University seeks to detect and map the current problems, raise awareness with respect to these problems and communicate possible solutions to the citizen living and working in Limburg. Moreover, this project aims to minimize possible adverse effect of such legislation in the Euregion by involving policy makers.


01 oktober 2018 - 31 december 2020