Mevrouw Aurelie CASSIERS

Mevrouw Aurelie CASSIERS

Over mezelf

Aurélie Cassiers is assistent in family and matrimonial law. Her research focuses on bioethics, medical law and human rights.

During her bachelor's degree, she studied at the UNamur, with an Erasmus Belgica at Antwerp University in 2015 (Magna cum laude). She obtained her master's degree at the KU Leuven in 2017 after an exchange at Stellenbosch University(cum laude). Further, she took some courses in criminology (2017-2019) and received a certificate in Ethics of health care (UNamur) (2020).

She started her doctoral research in October 2017 at the UHasselt. Her PhD is going about the question: "Towards a right to a perfect child?". She analyses some ethical and legal principles to determine if parents (should) have the right to choose their future child's genetic characteristics. Therefore after a chapter on the bioethics literature, she studies the European, international and Belgian legislation and case law regarding different aspects of the interests of the parents, of the child and of the society.  She addresses topics like abortion, medically assisted procreation, donors' selection, prenatal tests, preimplantation genetic diagnostic, cloning, Crisper-Cas9,...

Supervisor: prof. dr. Charlotte Declerck (UHasselt)
Co-supervisor: prof. dr. Géraldine Mathieu (UNamur)
Doctoral Committee: prof. dr. Laurent Ravez (Unamur) and prof. dr. Tim Wuyts (UHasselt)

She gives the tutorials for the bachelor courses "Person, Family and Matrimonial Law". In the past, she also taught the courses "français juridique" and "introduction to law".

Further, Aurélie is PhD representative at the Faculty Board. 
She co-organised different activities at the faculty (seminar on work-life balance, Youth Legal Research Conference 2021, the "warmste week", etc.)


Disciplinecodes: Familierecht (05050210), Mensenrechtenwetgeving (05050211), Rechtsfilosofie (05050303), Eigendomsrecht (05050224)


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