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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-4575

Title : Valorisation Crowdsourcing platform (R-4575)
Abstract: The crowdsourcing platform allows users to collect data via mobile devices (smartphones) and manage and edit it and make it available to the outside world in a web application. The crowdsourcing platform developed within IMOB distinguishes itself from other platforms since the focus is on mobile data collection by larger groups of people (the crowd) and the possibility of creating a link with a variety of projects. This interaction between projects allows that data collected by a project can be reused by another project. In this way the crowdsourcing platform is the breeding ground for various projects and possibly involving cooperation between projects, encourage and attract new projects. The IOF-project aims to prepare a spin-off that enables applications, built on the generic crowdsourcing platform, to be marketed.
Period of project : 1/07/2013to31/12/2013

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