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Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2019 - SBDD XXIV 

cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium

March 13-15, 2019




Welcome to the 24th Hasselt Diamond Workshop!


The 24th meeting of the international Hasselt Diamond Workshop continues the tradition of being the annual “early bird” venue for researchers to exchange the latest news on the progress in science and applications of CVD diamond. The meeting began in 1996 as a workshop for discussions about ‘Surface and Bulk Defects in Diamond’ (hence the acronym SBDD), and has since become known as one of the premier international conferences on diamond science and technology.

Through the yearly rotation of the Chair, each edition gets a clear signature programme based on the Chair's field of expertise. This year, the SBDD XXIV programme will cover annually returning topics with special emphasis on the application of diamond in quantum technologies. Growth of high quality diamond material, including high-quality large-area epitaxial diamond substrates, control over interfacial properties and defects as well as doping, and the chemistry and physics of diamond growth and interfaces are requirements that are commonly shared with other topics, such as high-power electronics, biomedical and energy applications, magnetic resonance, sensing, and many more. Traditionally, SBDD XXIV is looking forward to provide a forum where fundamental and application driven viewpoints can be discussed at the highest level.

We sincerely hope to see you soon in Hasselt for SBDD XXIV, enjoying CVD diamond science and Hasselt’s hospitality!

Christoph Becher, Chair SBDD XXIV, and the Hasselt Diamond Workshop Organisation and Programme Board.