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The PhD council is endorsed by UHasselt’s board of directors to support a broad and strong engagement of all elected PhD students in the university's policymaking. We attain this by regularly bringing together all PhD representatives and (a priori without restrictions) all interested PhD students in one organisational entity to:

  1. stimulate the exchange of policy information amongst PhD students and provide them with a consultative body;
  2. unite the PhD representatives under a common strategy and streamline our communication with the management of the UHasselt and its doctoral schools;
  3. democratically appoint representatives for all superordinate mandates not bound to a specific doctoral school or university substructure (e.g. faculty, department, …).

As such, the PhD council democratically represents all PhD students and defends their rights, while aiming to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with the management of UHasselt and its doctoral schools.