Lanaken Campus Sint Barbara Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg 11 11 2020 15 56 51 Lanaken Campus Sint Barbara Ziekenhuis Oost Limburg 11 11 2020 15 56 51
  1. Ambulant Neuro-loco.



ZOL - Campus Sint-Barbara
Bessemerstraat 478
3620 Lanaken

Important information


The hospital is accessible by bus from Hasselt Centre (bus line 45) . For more detailed information, consult the route planner of 'De Lijn':

Accommodation during internship

There is a possibility to use the student accommodation near the hospital.
For your accommodation during your internship you can reach out to:

They will be able to inform you about availability and price of accommodation on site of the internship.

Contact internship prior to start

Make sure to contact your placement a week before your startdate:

Registration before start internship

To be able to start your internship in a hospital or other facility of ZOL, you need to register minimum 14 days before the start of your internship.

This is necessary for the processing of all student information and manufacturing of a student ID linked to your placement.

Students that are not (correctly) registered, can not start their placement !

The registration is in Dutch and takes some time. Be sure to make an appointment with your internship supervisor (UHasselt) in due time.

Contact information internship mentor

Work clothing and working hours


  • Attire: white medical pantsuit is necessary

Working hours:

  • Working hours: 8.30u -12.30u and 13.00u - 17.00u


  • Meals: it is not possible to buy or consume a meal on site. Make sure to bring your own meals.

COVID Regulations:

  • Students will be asked to have a COVID Safe ticket to be able to be present in meeting rooms or aula.