Welcome to the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences

Our faculty welcomes exchange students for clinical internship placements. Here you will find the formalities and procedures that are required for your application for a clinical internship placement via our faculty.

You will also find information on immigration regulations, accommodation, university enrolment and registration. And an extensive checklist on what to do before and upon your arrival in Belgium.
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What types of internship placements do we offer?

Clinical internship placements

Every academic year, we offer 4 to 6 spots for a clinical internship placement.Currently, we can offer placements in the domain of
musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory/metabolic rehabilitation. Additionally, placements in geriatric and mental health rehabilitation can be offered to students who fluently speak Dutch.

Research internship placesments

Applications for research internship placements are only possible via the one of the principal investigators within the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences. Occasionally the faculty has open calls that will be published on this page. If you are interested, please reach out to the professor in your knowledge field of interest.

When do we have internship placements available?

  • Clinical internship placements via our faculty take place in the first semester of the academic year, from September till December.

  • Timing of research internship placements can be customized in consultation with the relevant principal investigator.

Apply here.

So, are you ready for your internship in Belgium? Intrigued to discover what rehabilitation in Belgium is all about?
The deadline for your candidacy is the 30th of March. So make sure you apply in time.

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Important dates and deadlines

30 Mar

Deadline: Application for clinical internship

30 March 2024 23:59
15 May

Deadline: Nomination by sending institute

15 May 2024 23:59
15 Jul

Deadline: Online pre-registration with LAT

15 July 2024 23:59

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Internship coördination

Emma Boelen

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Faculty Coordinator Internationalisation

Marga Swerts

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Internship organisation

Hanne Lyskawa


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