Once you have filed your request to our Admissions Office, your file will be discussed by the Board of Admissions of the Master programme of your choice. The Board of Admissions decides whether you are admissible for the programme. At the same time, the Board of Admissions determines your final academic programme. If you are eligible for exemptions - because you already passed a similar course in your previous programme - the Board of admissions will grant this automatically. The Admissions Office will inform you about this, in your letter of acceptance. If a student is exempted, he is relieved from the obligation to take the exam of this particular course (EEL article 5). The exemption will count towards the degree.

While composing your academic programme, you can indicate for which course an exemption is granted to you. How to do this? Please watch carefully our instruction video:

You weren’t granted an exemption by the Board of Admissions? But you are convinced you are eligible for an exemption? Please contact your Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor will explain who you need to address with your request. Your request needs to contain a proof of credit in which is detailed what the goals, content and requirements of the previous passed course are, and an official transcript. This is a document which consists of all the exam results from the courses you read during a specific programme.