Research networks

'Healthy Aging' is a Euregional project within the program Interreg Euregio Maas Rijn. Partners (BIOMED is the leadpartner) within this consortium (BIOMEDMUMC+GIGA LuikUKACuradorMyHealthImomecGlycoCheckAstel Medica and DNAmito) use their expertise and knowledge to screen early immune aging and delay related chronic diseases. Within the EMR this consortium would like to develop crossborder knowledge platforms to share and spread this knowledge. Partners aim at innovating and validating the generated knowledge. Results of this project are aimed at lowering health costs. This project is supported by the European fund for Regional Development of the European Union. This fund stimulates innovation, renewable energy, a healthy environment and the job market via crossborder projects. More information about this project.

EURLIPIDS, a Virtual Platform for Lipid Research:  a Virtual Platform for Lipid Research.  Building on the Euregio’ s knowledge and expertise in the field of lipid-technologies, the projects aims at establishing an excellence platform for lipid-based research and technological solutions ("Lipid Valley"). Bringing together research institutes, clinics, industrial partners and SMEs, the platform will be built on three pillars: (1) a study component for MA and PhD students to strengthen the human capacities for lipid research in the EMR; (2) research for new analytical methods (biomarkers, biomedical materials); (3) economic valorization of the research activities through the development and market launch of new clinical products. Indeed, as underlined by the partnership, the planned research and valorization activities shall lead to patent-protected solutions which will enable the participating industrial partners, SMEs and resulting spin-offs to  gain direct advantage from their participation in the project.