Offered services

We offer our services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and (bio)medical research market and we share our expertise with academic and industrial partners.

Our clients include major pharmaceutical companies, large and small biotechs and university labs. Our researchers will deliver qualitatively and timely results with the appropriate scientific methodology. Our business developers follow-up on each project together with the client to guarantee the best quality.

We focus on our partners’ needs and strive towards long-standing strategic partnerships by keeping up with or exceeding expectations through innovative solutions.

We are committed to business and scientific integrity. We are an open, fair, honest and transparent research institute and always ensure partner confidentiality.

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Working with us

  • joint research projects: research and development in close collaboration, funded by a third party (e.g. FWO, VLAIO, H2020, EFRO…)
  • technology/knowledge transfer: you can strengthen your market position by licensing in and accessing our existing technologies and expertise
  • joint ventures: you can join forces with UHasselt-BIOMED and use its technology (possibly) in combination with your own technology to set up a new company
  • contract research

There are several options for joining us in contract research:

  • get access to our facilities and perform experiments yourself (facility access)
  • you can deliver a protocol and we perform the experiments for you (full service)
  • you can come to us with research questions and we design the most optimal experiments together followed by facility access or full service.
  • a combination of the above
  • our expert scientists are also available for counseling in their respective research domains

Stay updated about our research and events

Life Sciences & Health

Based on its expertise, BIOMED has several technological platforms and service packages available for collaboration. Collaboration opportunities range from full service to joint scientific project applications.

Collaboration services

Advanced Microscopy

Advanced Microscopy @UHasselt

Flow Cytometry Unit

Flow Cytometry Unit


Angiogenesis in vitro to in vivo toolbox

BBB (1)

Blood-Brain Barrier in vitro to in vivo models

Multiple Sclerosis research in vitro-to-patient toolbox

Multiple Sclerosis research in vitro-to-patient toolbox

Biomediacal 2024 1

Oligodendrocyte biology and remyelination platform

Sports Medical Research Center

Sports Medical Research Center

Licensing opportunities

Progressive MS target

Boosting second messengers: a novel approach to stimulate repair in progressive multiple sclerosis

Carbon Black

Fast and Label-Free Detection of Polluting Carbonaceous Particles: a Gap in the Diagnostic Market

Axial Spondyloarthritis

Immune biomarkers for diagnosis of Axial Spondyloarthritis


Serum based analysis of chronic systemic inflammation


Our partners say

Logo General Inception (1)

Laure Bouchez

Executive in Residence General Inception

'BIOMED, embedded in the Health Campus Limburg ecosystem, is a great partner to collaborate with as a life sciences company. Having been working with other universities and centers of innovation, it is one of a kind!'

Logo Rewind (3)

Irene Knuesel

CSO Rewind Therapeutics

"Rewind Therapeutics values BIOMED’s commitment in support of our preclinical research activities to develop innovative remyelination therapeutics, particularly their timely, high-quality histopathology service, the access to their state-of-the-art flow cytometry facility and overall expert technical support."

Innoser (1)

Kris Motmans

CBO Innoser

“BIOMED’s combination of expertise and access to a range of techniques in the fields of immunology, neuroscience, and cardiology, allows us, as a preclinical innovative CRO with a continuously expanding service portfolio to seamlessly integrate BIOMED’s reliable expertise into a variety of study types, helping us vastly accelerate our clients’ research.”

Logo Rejuvenate Biomed (1)

Ann Beliën

CEO Rejuvenate Biomed

"BIOMED played a pivotal role in the conduct of our first clinical trial, conducting precise muscle measurements in humans and offering remarkable translational expertise, spanning from fundamental research to clinical applications. Their alignment with our scientific integrity and patient-centered goals accelerates our progress towards groundbreaking healthy aging solutions."

C Path

Wim Tiest

CTO C-Path

"BIOMED’s willingness to collaborate on histopathology projects combined with their expertise and capabilities in specialized microscopy imaging readouts allows us to deliver our clients with accurate digital histopathology services in a timely manner.”

Contact our business developers for more information or to discuss your particular project or experiment.


dr. An Voets

An Voets (1)

Business developer

dr. Leen Willems

Leen Willems

Business Developer