Meet our new postdoctoral researchers

Every year we can count on the support of FWO (Research Foundation - Flanders) to conduct outstanding research. Thanks to this support, the following colleagues will start their PostDoc from October 2023 onwards.

IMO Shoot 2021 23 IMO Shoot 2021 23

Dr. Siegmund Bernhard

Bernhard Siegmund

Low-Cost Material Sensing for Low-Light Applications

Is it possible to reduce waste across manufacturing industries with a single approach? Infrared cameras allow to remotely determine chemical compositions for many material classes and thus to sort out low-quality products at the first encounter of a process deviation. However, the high cost of such cameras often restricts their use for real-time quality assurance.

Dr. Bernhard Siegmund aims to demonstrate a novel approach – more than 10 times cheaper than conventional infrared cameras. The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO, Belgium) has recently awarded him a senior postdoctoral fellowship to integrate organic semiconductors onto regular low-cost cameras, as found for example in smartphones.

With support from the research group “Organic Optoelectronics” (Prof. Dr. Koen Vandewal, imo-imomec & Hasselt University), he will focus on developing and optimizing the sensors towards ultra-low noise (three-year project “SOFIA”, start 10/2023).

“These novel sensors will be especially interesting for reliably sensing materials under low-light conditions, as for example the case in high-speed production lines in food processing, pharmaceutics, chemical industry and further manufacturing industries“ - Project leader Dr. Siegmund

Dr. Alessia Pancaro

More info about her research will follow soon.

Dr. Hamid Hamed

More info about his research will follow soon.