New captain on board

Directeuren En Decanen Wissel 008 Directeuren En Decanen Wissel 008

It must be hard to take over a captain’s duties who never leaves his ship. And that captain is Prof. dr. Dirk Vanderzande, who for many years has managed to steer the research institute imo-imomec through calm waters and perhaps even turbulent storms. Among other things, in 1988 he was present at the inauguration of the first computer purchased at the research institute. So this man has seen a lot of tides.

And yet Prof. dr. Marlies Van Bael is bold enough to take over his duties. On September 1st, she is as enthusiastic as so many children today are at the school gate. Some time ago, Prof. Van Bael even attended classes of Prof. Vanderzande, she obtained her PhD in 1999 and then continued her career as researcher and professor in Chemistry at Hasselt University. As of today, she will continue to steer the course of imo-imomec, assisted by the experienced co-captain Prof. dr. Marc D'Olieslaeger.