Mevrouw Emmelien DE ROOCK

Mevrouw Emmelien DE ROOCK

Over mezelf

After graduating magna cum laude at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) as a Business Engineer in 2020, Emmelien started her joint PhD at the Data Analytics Lab (VUB) and the Research Group Business Informatics (UHasselt). In addition she is a teaching assistant for the courses ‘Research Methods for Business’ and ‘Bachelor Paper’ at VUB, her main institution.
Emmelien is researching ‘Process Mining in Healthcare’. The two main research objectives of her PhD are 1) to develop a new method to systematically map information needs regarding care processes among healthcare professionals and 2) to develop new visualization techniques to convey process mining results to healthcare professionals in an insightful way.
The promotors of her joint PhD are prof. dr. Niels Martin (UHasselt) and prof. dr. Filip Van Droogenbroeck (VUB).
Keywords: Process Mining, Process Analytics, Healthcare Processes


Disciplinecodes: Workflow-, proces- en databasemanagement (01020507), Bedrijfsinformatiemanagement (05020601), Mathematische en kwantitatieve methoden niet elders geclassificeerd (05020899), Bedrijfsadministratie (05020202)


Emmelien DE ROOCK

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