Procedures, rules and regulations


As a PhD student, you will have to go through several administrative procedures during the course of your PhD studies. More information about this can be found in the doctoral regulations. Here, you will find an overview of the steps you have to take each year.


Did you just start? Then don’t forget to make sure your preregistration is completed. As a PhD student, you must register with the Student Administration Office every year. You enrol in a certain doctoral discipline, which means that you are automatically enrolled in a certain doctoral school. In your first and last year, you need to pay a tuition fee. The tuition fee that has to be paid is mentioned here. Do you have questions related to your (pre)registration? Contact the student administration office.

Internal guidelines, regulations and charters

Doctoral regulations

These regulations describe the requirements for obtaining the academic degree of doctor at Hasselt University. Only the Dutch version of this regulation has legal force. This English translation is only for reference. There are three different versions:

Faculties/schools may include specific requirements in an addendum. This addendum should be considered as an addition to the available university-wide regulations included in the doctoral regulations (see above).

Available addenda

Internal regulations with regards to PhD scholarships

These regulations (only available in Dutch) apply to scholarships awarded by Hasselt University to PhD students who, outside an employment contract under the supervision of a promoter, are preparing a PhD thesis with the goal to obtain a PhD degree. Such scholarships are called PhD scholarships ('doctoraatsbeurzen') and the recipients are called PhD scholarships ('doctoraatsbursalen').

charter supervisor - PhD student

This charter (pdf, 326 KB) describes the roles and responsibilities of (co)supervisors and PhD students. It can be considered a declaration of intent, to be endorsed and implemented by both parties. In addition, it can be used as a tool to discuss mutual expectations, both at the start of the PhD and throughout, with the joint goal of finishing the PhD successfully and within the postulated time period.

the cancellation & no-show policy

This cancellation & no-show policy applies to all activities of the doctoral schools.

Research data management policy plan

The Hasselt University Research data management Policy Plan sets a framework for all researchers to safeguard the quality, availability, and accessibility of their research data and it provides a basis for evaluating compliance with laws and regulations (e.g. GDPR) and codes of conduct. The Hasselt University RDM Policy Plan defines the responsibilities of all researchers affiliated with Hasselt University.