Payment and Reimbursement

Below you will find more information on the payment of the tuition fee for international students. And what happens with the tuition fee when your visa is denied or when you decide to deregister for individual courses or for the full programme?

International on campus students

Candidates from abroad are invited via email to pay the tuition fee, after admission into one of our programmes. As an international on campus student, you have to pay the full tuition fee at the latest one month before your arrival in Belgium.

Final registration only is possible after payment of the tuition fee.

International distance learning students

Students admitted for a distance learning programme will have to pay a first part of the tuition fee, the fixed component, before the final registration. They will receive payment instructions via email.

In November, the tuition fee will be recalculated based on the number of credits a student takes during the current academic year. A second email with payment instructions will be sent to the student’s UHasselt mail address.

Final registration only is possible after payment of the first part of the tuition fee.

Payment of the tuition fee

How to make the payment?

  • payment in installments is not possible;
  • the payment must be made by bank transfer;
  • into the account number:  IBAN: BE53 4532 5078 0153 – sorting code BIC: KREDBEBB – KBC - Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussel (always check your invoice);
  • mention the “structured communication” as a reference when making the payment (this number is linked to your personal account);
  • no banking costs must be charged to Hasselt University; Hasselt University should receive the full amount of tuition fee;
  • send a proof of payment to to facilitate the identification of the transfer.

What after your payment?

  • When you have paid the fees and received a confirmation from us (this can take a few days), you can make an appointment to finalize your registration. Our registration office opens at the end of June. Finalizing your registration must be done before the start of the academic year.
  • After finalizing your registration, you will receive your student ID and log-in details. Activate your account and compose your study programme as soon as possible.


Before final registration

When your visa is denied or you cannot finalize your registration at Hasselt University for other reasons, you can ask for a refund of the fees you have paid.

To ask for a refund, send an email to with your bank account details (account number and BIC/SWIFT code).

Note that it can take several weeks to process the refund.

After final registration

Always contact your academic advisor first!

Deregistration for individual courses

When you deregister for courses during the academic year, you will receive a new recalculation of the fees in June. The amount you paid for those courses will be refunded if you deregister timely.  You can find the deadline to deregister for course components in your online student file and in the academic calendar.

Deregistration for programme

If you have decided to stop your studies at UHasselt, you must deregister. Deregistration is possible at any time during the academic year. However, in the academic calendar there is a deregistration deadline listed for each educational period.

The reimbursement of the tuition fee depends on the type of contract you're registered with at Hasselt University.

Part of the tuition fees will be reimbursed to students registered with a diploma contract. The reimbursed component will be equal to the original amount of the programme components for which the student deregisters before the deregistration deadline.

Attention: The deregistration must take place before the final dates indicated in the study guide

The administrative registration fee is not reimbursed upon deregistration.

Deregistration for a credit contract and exam contract does not lead to a reimbursement of the fees.

This proposal is in accordance with the regulations for de-registration as mentioned in Article III.4 of the Codex Higher Education.


The staff members of the student administration office are happy to help you. You can send an e-mail to (before final registration) or

Or ask your questions directly by phone +32 (0) 11 26 81 00.

Check the opening hours of Campus Hasselt and Campus Diepenbeek.