Masterclass 'Unlocking sustainable value through procurement'

Addressing the Complexities Experienced Buyers and Logistics Managers Face Today

Masterclass • 4 sessions • English

Are you ready to make a profound transformation in your organisation's approach to procurement? Join our Masterclass on Unlocking Sustainable Value Through Procurement and shift your focus from "price" to "sustainable value." This comprehensive training program is designed to empower professionals like you to drive positive change within your organisation and make a lasting impact in the industry.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry, our lecturers are adept at guiding participants through the complexities of sustainable procurement. They go beyond textbook theories, offering practical insights, real-world examples, and thought-provoking perspectives.

This Masterclass equips you with the necessary knowledge and tools to integrate sustainable practices into your procurement processes effectively.

MC Procurement Supply Chain

MC Procurement Supply Chain

Target audience

This Masterclass warmly welcomes seasoned professionals in various roles within the supply chain management field, including supply chain managers, logistics managers, sales and account managers, procurement professionals, and supplier relationship managers.

To ensure an interactive learning experience, participants are required to have a minimum of 3-5 years' experience in their respective roles and class size is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Participants are asked to bring a case from their own practice to work on during the training. In the final session, the aim is to present your case to each other and the experts and show your (strategic) choices to arrive at a plan of action or solution. This is based on the insights gained during the first three sessions. It goes without saying that cases can and may be anonymized.


Session 1 | Value chain orchestration by Ton Geurts

In the first session of this Masterclass we delve into the essential topic of developing sustainability with your suppliers. This session goes beyond the notion of simply purchasing sustainability, it emphasizes the importance of active involvement within the ecosystem and adopting a broad perspective.

We explore the crucial role of collaboration and innovation in creating sustainable supplier relationships. We discuss the shift from traditional contractual arrangements to dynamic relationships based on networks and network management. You'll gain practical insights into how to navigate the complexities of circular economy principles, sustainability goals, digitalization, legal frameworks, and climate agreements, and apply them concretely within the context of supplier management and supply chain operations.

Discover how relationships supersede contracts, and learn about effective governance mechanisms that promote innovation, optimized processes, and holistic sustainability. By actively engaging with these concepts, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change and foster meaningful collaboration with your suppliers.

Session 2 | Future proofing your Procurement function by Frank Rozemeijer

In the second session we delve into a range of crucial topics that will empower you to unlock value across your supply chains (leverage your suppliers) and maximize your procurement power and strength (leverage your scale). This session is designed to help you become the customer of choice in your key supply markets and stay ahead in the evermore volatile and complex procurement landscape.

We will conduct a maturity scan to assess your current procurement practices and identify areas for improvement. Through this self-scan exercise, you'll gain valuable insights into your own procurement function, allowing you to identify it’s strengths and areas that require further development in order to be able to better orchestrate your supply/value chains.

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in procurement success, and in this session, we explore effective strategies for fostering collaboration with suppliers and evaluating the outcomes of these collaborations. By leveraging the power of collaboration, you'll be able to drive sustainable innovation, enhance supplier relationships, and ultimately unlock additional value within your supply/value chains.

Session 3 | Supply challenges and solutions: learning from experts in the field by Allard Van Riel and Kris Pattyn

In session three of this Masterclass, we offer a dynamic and interactive day that combines insights from experts in the field with focused breakout group discussions.

During the first part of the session, a diverse panel of experts will share their valuable insights and perspectives. Drawing from their wealth of knowledge, these experts will provide deep insights into the specific challenges and opportunities within the procurement landscape.

In the second part of the session, participants will have the chance to engage in breakout groups. Each breakout group will explore topics that are of interest to everyone, while maintaining a specific theme.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain insights from industry experts, and collaborate with like-minded professionals in your chosen breakout group. This session will broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding of industry-specific challenges, and equip you with actionable strategies to navigate the complex procurement landscape.

Session 4 | Work on an individual company-based project, focusing on a real-life challenge within your organization by Allard Van Riel and Kris Pattyn

In the final session of our program, we bring together all the knowledge and skills you've acquired throughout the Masterclass to drive sustainable procurement transformation.

In small groups, you will engage in short presentations, sharing your concretely applied knowledge and discussing real-life procurement cases for change. This interactive exercise allows you to receive valuable feedback from your peers and experts, enriching your understanding and refining your procurement action plan.

We will also reflect on the value generated for business through the implementation of sustainable procurement practices. By evaluating the actions you have initiated to realize your intentions, we will assess the impact and effectiveness of your efforts. This reflection will help you identify areas of improvement and fine-tune your approach to driving sustainable value within your organization.

Throughout the session, we encourage intervision, where you can request help from the experts or other participants. This collaborative problem-solving approach ensures that you receive the support and guidance needed to overcome challenges and maximize the success of your procurement transformation journey.

Together, we will explore effective strategies to effectively move from a focus on price to value, setting the stage for a sustainable and impactful procurement transformation within your organization.


Our Masterclass brings together a team of exceptional lecturers who possess extensive sector experience alongside their expertise as researchers and educators. This unique combination allows them to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience that merges state-of-the-art knowledge with the ability to challenge, provoke reflection, and facilitate meaningful dialogue.

Ton Geurts

Ton Geurts is currently Business Advisor at The Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation as part of the Business School at Maastricht University. Furthermore he owns and runs his on strategy advisory firm AnDaMax BV with full focus on procurement/supply chain/operations/sustainability challenges. His latest role is that he has become the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Dutch government steered program Circular Plastics, as part of the energy and feedstock transformation shaping coming now.

Passionate about sustainable supply chains and the international context of business, Ton brings a wealth of experience and a transformative approach to his teaching and leadership development endeavors. With his expertise and dedication, he plays a crucial role in shaping the future of business leaders.

Frank Rozemeijer

Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer is an expert in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain Management. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has made significant contributions to both academia and industry and he is dedicated to continue passionately to develop 'Next Generation Procurement.’ He (co-)authored many academic articles and books, most recently the best-selling and awarded textbook 'Procurement and Supply chain management’ (Cengage, 2022).

With a background in Business Economics, Frank Rozemeijer holds a MSc degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD degree in Technology Management from Eindhoven University of Technology. Currently, he holds the NEVI Chair in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University and is involved in various academic research projects (e.g. Digitalization in Procurement) and teaching activities. He is program director of the international NEVI Procurement Leadership Program.

In addition to his academic work, Frank Rozemeijer has extensive international experience as a consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker. He has worked with leading international companies, supporting the development of procurement and supply chain leadership. Also, he serves on the supervisory board of INKA BV, a buying group representing 25 medium sized construction firms.

Prof. Dr. Allard Van Riel

Allard C.R. Van Riel is professor of Service Innovation Management in the department of Marketing and Strategy at Hasselt University in Belgium. He obtained a PhD in High-Tech Service Innovation Management in 2003 from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. His research interests include: closed loop supply chain management, and cognitive aspects of decision-making under complexity and uncertainty, specifically in service operations and innovation management.

He has been involved in setting up the Master in Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University, and has been involved in teaching both introductory and executive courses in Supply Chain Management since 2004, at HEC Université de Liège, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Quito, Ecuador, University of Danang in Vietnam, and ISTLS University of Sousse in Tunisia.

He is involved in the PIANC workgroup on Inland Waterways. His work has been published in the Transportation Journal, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Business Research, and other journals.

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Kris Pattyn started his career as a production manager at several major media companies in Belgium. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur in the world of traditional and digital media, education and software. In his companies, he always tries to make the difference through sophisticated and automated business processes.

Also a lecturer at KU Leuven and Ehsal Management School Campus Brussels where he has been initiating Commercial Science, Commercial Engineering and postgraduate students in the secrets of operational and business processes for more than 30 years. Since 2018, he is also a lecturer at UHasselt where he draws the subject of supply chain relations.

He is also the founder of the 'DNKfabriek', a school where entrepreneurs learn how to critically adjust their business idea, business plan and operational plan themselves. He also developed a modern teaching method with workbooks that is applied in corporate training at national and international level.

“Trends make us look at operational chains differently, if we teach participants how to put on these glasses, they will soon be able to make a big difference.”

When and where?

The Masterclass consists of 4 afternoon sessions.

  • Session 1 | Friday 07/02/2025 from 13h00-19h00
  • Session 2 | Friday 21/02/2025 from 13h00-19h00
  • Session 3 | Friday 14/03/2025 from 13h00-19h00
  • Session 4 | Friday 28/03/2025 from 13h00-19h00


  • Campus Diepenbeek, building D
  • Easy to reach by train, bike, bus and car
  • A 20 min bike ride from Hasselt city centre

Campus Diepenbeek

UHasselt corporate

Agoralaan, 3590 Diepenbeek

Registration fee

The registration fee is € 3.950 EUR excl. VAT.

Participants in Flanders can use the 'KMO portefeuille'. Our approval number is DV.O215745.


Stefan Coenen | UHasselt School of Expert Education

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