2022-11-16: Belga.press replaces GoPress Academic

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On Monday 21 November, UHasselt will switch to the digital press database Belga.press. From now on, you will enjoy access to the bundled content of all Belgian news brands (French and Dutch) via the new platform. Our newsletter 'UHasselt in de kranten' will also refer to the revamped website. Until the end of December, Belga.press and predecessor GoPress Academic will continue to co-exist. Thereafter, access to the old database will be discontinued.

Accessible anywhere

Via SSO (single sign on), UHasselt students and staff can log in with their own UHasselt login credentials, on as well as off campus. It is no longer necessary to create a personal user profile if you feel like browsing the newspaper or your favourite magazine at home or if you want to look something up in the online archive.

Swift access to magazines

After a 48-hour embargo, you get access to all content (newspapers and weeklies). So on Thursday you can browse that week's HUMO and on Friday Knack. In the archive you will find articles from the 1990s for most news brands; in the 'Kiosk', publications are available in full from around 2010.

Storytags and notifications keep you informed of the news that interests you most. Belga.press allows you to closely monitor the printed press, but you can also listen to the news and an extensive selection of podcasts.

Discover Belga.press via the quick links on the Library website or on Belga.press.