2023-02-13: Access to Omnilegie (blue legal codes | blauwe wetboeken)

Omnilegie Omnilegie

UHasselt recently acquired an online subscription to the Omnilegie database. The so-called "blue codes of Die Keure" constitute the foundation of this database. On Omnilegie, you will find updated legal texts with numerous annotations:

  • Additions, amendments, insertions, enactments, etc. (under the section labeled STAT.)
  • Pertinent passages from or references to parliamentary preparations (under the section labeled PREP.)
  • Relevant and pivotal case law (under the section labeled CASES)
  • Essential and significant legal literature (under the section labeled LIT.)
  • Lower-tier case law, concise descriptive commentaries, cross-references to other legislation, etc. (under the section labeled COMM.)

This database is accessible both on and off campus through the link provided on the library website.