2023-12-01: Jurisquare will be discontinued on January 5th.

Scrnli 11 30 2023 9 25 23 AM Scrnli 11 30 2023 9 25 23 AM

Earlier this year, the shareholders of the legal database Jurisquare decided to discontinue the service via the platform. This means that for UHasselt, after the current license expires on January 5, 2024, lecturers, researchers, and students will no longer have access to this database.

With the disappearance of Jurisquare, an important and frequently consulted research tool is lost. Fortunately, this does not mean that access to the content of the database has also vanished.

  • The content from the publisher Kluwer will remain accessible, but from January 5, it will only be available via Jura.
  • The publications of Larcier and Intersentia can henceforth be found only on StradaLex.
  • All other legal publishers (Anthemis, die Keure, Boom Juridisch Antwerpen, LeA Uitgevers, Politeia, Vanden Broele, Story Publishers, etc.) have joined LexNow. Since October, as a UHasselt user, you have gained access to this relatively new platform (currently only on campus and for staff also via VPN).

For a more complete overview of the legal databases available via the university library, we refer you to our list of e-sources. There, you will also find links to manuals and more information about the on- and off-campus access possibilities.

The University Library will be happy to answer any questions.