Prof. dr. Iuliu Sorin (Sorin) POP

Prof. dr. Iuliu Sorin (Sorin) POP

About Me

Below you can find my research interest (of course, this is a dynamic list). You can find more about me, including my Cv and the complete list of publications, in the "spotlight". Please, check these spotlights for the complete and correct information, as the information displayed under "Supervised PhDs", "Publications", "Projects" is limited to my activity after having moved to UHasselt, and is not even complete.

Partial differential equations:

  • Analysis: existence, uniqueness of weak solutions, qualitative properties, travelling waves
  • Upscaling: homogenization, multiple scales, asymptotic expansions, heterogeneous media, perforated media, rough boundaries
  • Numerical methods: convergence, error estimates, discretization (FEM/MFEM/DG, finite volumes), linearization schemes, domain decomposition


  • Flow in porous media: unsaturated, two-phase, non-standard models, dynamic capillarity
  • Reactive transport: adsorption, desorption, reactions, precipitation, dissolution
  • Media with variable porosity
  • Biofilm growth
  • Geothermal energy


Discipline codes: Approximations and expansions (01010202), Partial differential equations (01010214), Fluid mechanics (01010305), Geophysics (01010307), Biology and other natural sciences (01010302), Numerical analysis (01010701), Analytic aspects and differential equations of physics (01030702), Computational physics (01039903), Nonlineair sciences (01039904), Other earth sciences not elsewhere classified (01059999)

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