Lipids in Health and Disease

15 februari 2023
18:00 - 19:30
Lipids Lipids

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Lipids are of decisive importance for many common diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases (e.g. infarctions), neuronal diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease) and cancer. Lipids are also essential for the function of biomaterials and can be used in drug delivery devices. At the end of this course the participant will be able to define/explain:

  • the role of lipids in human health and disease
  • the potential of lipids as disease biomarkers
  • the potential of lipid metabolic pathways/enzymes as modulators and targets for therapy
  • methods to study lipids
  • the application in biomaterials and in drug delivery systems


  1. 15/02/2023
    Introduction and biochemistry of lipids (PD Dr. Noels, Aachen University)
    Location: Leuven + online
  2. 22/02/2023
    Lipids in cardiovascular disease: mechanistic aspects (PD Dr. Noels, Aachen University)
    Location: Hasselt + online
  3. 01/03/2023
    Lipids in cardiovascular and cardiorenal disease (Dr. Van der Vorst, Aachen University)
    Location: Hasselt + online
  4. 8/03/2023
    Lipids in health and disease - cardiovascular disease: clinical aspects (Prof. Dr. Lehrke, Aachen University)
    Location: Online
  5. 15/03/2023
    Fatty acids in brain disorders (Prof. Dr. Bogie, Hasselt University)
    Location: Hasselt + online
  6. 22/03/2023
    Structural (sphingo) lipids in neurological disease (Dr. Kruining, Maastricht University)
    Location: Hasselt + online
  7. 29/03/2023
    Lipids in cancer (Prof. Dr. Swinnen, Leuven University)
    Location: Kortrijk + online
  8. 19/04/2023
    General principles of mass spectrometry (Prof. Dr. J. Jankowski, Aachen University)
    Location: Leuven + online
  9. 10/05/2023
    Application: Lipid-based nano-& micromaterials (Prof. Dr. Lammers, Aachen University)
    Location: Leuven + online
  10. 17/05/2023
    Lipids in neuropathies - CMT1a (Dr. Alessio Silva, Leuven University)
    Location: Leuven + online

Student seminars are optional (26/04/2023 and 3/05/2023) and free of charge. During these seminars students prepare and present a topic of their choice (related to the lipid biology in health and disease).

Course fee

10 euro/lecture. If you register for the whole course, you'll get a 10% discount.


You can register here. You can register for the whole course or for separate lectures. After registration you will receive an email containing invoice details. Your registration will be definitive upon payment of the invoice.

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