Call for Internship | Neurological Rehabilitation Research | Investigating Synchronisation to Music

20 04 22 Virtuele Doctoraatsverdediging Lousin Moumdjian 05 20 04 22 Virtuele Doctoraatsverdediging Lousin Moumdjian 05

If you are interested in exploring the world of clinical research, and have an interest in working with neurological patients, using EEG measurements and understanding how music can affect movement and cognition, then this internship is for you!

You will be working with dr. Lousin Moumdjian in university of Hasselt (REVAL) and university of Gent (IPEM) in Belgium within the laboratories of Prof. Peter Feys and Prof. Marc Leman respectively. The clinical population you will be testing are patients with cerebellar impairments. The experimental design is made of a series of tapping and walking experiments to auditory stimuli using behavioural and neurophysiological (EEG) outcomes.

More information on the research teams at the respective universities:

REVAL, UHasselt; Rehabilitation Research Center;
IPEM, UGent: Institute of Psychoacoustics and electronic music;

This internship can be conducted within the framework of a master thesis as well.

When does the internship start?
Preferred start date: Sept 2022, or Jan/Feb 2023, and internship duration minimal 6 months up to 1 year.

How do I apply?
In case of questions or interest, please contact:

If you would like to pursue this internship, please send a short motivation letter and your CV.

Requirements for this internship:

  • Bachelor’s degree in cognitive neuroscience or rehabilitation sciences
  • Experience and interest to working with EEG (montage, data recording and data processing/analysis)
  • Attention to detail and interest in working with clinical populations
  • Willingness to commute (by car/train) to the testing locations
  • The language spoken with the patients will be French or Dutch, however it is not essential that you speak it
  • The language of all other research activities, and interaction with the team members will be in English, therefore sufficient spoken
  • English is required.
  • Team player and open to constructive feedback