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Special events, notable results

  • PhD defense of Sohely Sharmin (17/11/2022), congratulations!
  • The 5th InterPore BeNeLux Chapter meeting is organised at Hasselt University on Oct. 14, 2022
  • PhD defense of Lars von Wolff (22/09/2022, double degree with University of Stuttgart, summa cum laude), congratulations!
  • PhD defense of Stephan Lunowa (13/09/2022), congratulations!
  • The 4th summer school organised by CMAT: Discontinuous Gaelrkin Methods (27-30/06/2022)
  • Sohely Sharmin won the first prize for the poster presentation at the 45th Woudschoten Conference of the Dutch-Flemish Scientific Computing Society, congratulations!
  • PhD defense of Alice Peng (09/10/2021, Delft University of Technology), congratulations!
  • PhD defense of Manuela Bastidas Olivares (06/05/2021), congratulations!
  • Ginger Egberts received the "Certificate of Best Presentation Award" at the XV. International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedical Engineering, congratulations!
  • PhD defense of Menel Rahrah (03/11/2020, Delft University of Technology), congratulations!
  • Koondi Mitra's paper is listed now (Sept. 18, 2020) number two among "most read" papers published in the last 5 years in Studies in Applied Mathematics, congratulations!
  • Manuela Bastidas co-authored a paper that is now (Sept. 17, 2020) among the eight "most popular" ones published in Advances in Water Resources, congratulations!
  • The very first modelling week for bachelor-students has been ended. The students have worked hard in Oostduinkerke (09-14/02/2020). On Friday 14/02, 5pm, they have presented their results to a large audience (auditorium H3, campus Diepenbeek). Their interesting ideas and creative solutions were appreciated by the problem owners and by the public, congratulations to the students and the organisers!
  • PhD defense of Koondanibha Mitra (26/09/2019, double degree with Eindhoven University of Technology, cum laude), congratulations!
  • The 3rd summer school organised by CMAT: Phase field modeling (24-26/06/2019)
  • PhD defense of Alex Jaust (29/10/2018, double degree with RWTH Aachen), congratulations!
  • PhD defense of Klaus Kaiser (07/09/2018, double degree with RWTH Aachen), congratulations!
  • The 2nd summer school organised by CMAT: Hyperbolic conservation laws (25-27/06/2018)
  • Manuela Bastidas received the "Best poster award" at Interpore 2018, congratulations!
  • Compact course "Multiscale Methods for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media" (Hadi Hajibeygi, TU Delft, 4-5/12/2017)
  • The 1st summer school organised by CMAT: Upscaling techniques for mathematical models involving multiple scales (26-29/06/2017)
  • PhD defense of Stefan Karpinski (11/05/2017), congratulations!