dr. Gizem BIRANT

dr. Gizem BIRANT

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The Postdoctoral Fellowship project (ARLEA, Grant No: 1219423N) will focus on the investigation of the recombination junction layers in CIGS/perovskite and Si/perovskite tandem architectures.

PhD Topic: Experimental investigation of rear surface passivation of CIGS-based ultra-thin film solar cells as a part of European Research Council (ERC) Project Uniting PV, project ID 715027.

Experience in; CIGS-based solar cells, passivation techniques, production and analysis of nanoparticles, silicon-based photovoltaic systems, plasmonics, phonons, plasmons, surface plasmons, and surface plasmon polaritons.

Specialties: Atomic layer deposition (ALD), Photoluminescence (PL), Ultra-Violet/visible/near-infra-red (UV-Vis-NIR) absorption/reflection, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron (SEM), I-V/ C-V Measurements, Nanoparticle Synthesis, Wet Chemical Processing, Spin Coating, Spray Coating.


Disciplinecodes: Hernieuwbare energie en energiesystemen (02020804), Semiconductor toepassingen, nanoelektronica en technologie (02020408), Fotodetectoren, optische sensoren en zonnecellen (02020902), Materiaalverwerking (02050404), Materiaalsynthese (02050406), Oppervlakte engineering (02050408), Halfgeleiders en semimetalen (01030409)


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