dr. Hannelore VAN DEN ABEELE

dr. Hannelore VAN DEN ABEELE

Over mezelf

Hannelore has a rich experience in the arts (organisation, teaching, research).

Before joining UHasselt in 2021, she worked as a lecturer at LUCA School of Arts for 18 years, as a manager in cultural organisations such as Mercatorfonds, Antwerpen93 and Artis Historia for 15 years and led the company arte&arte she founded in 1995.

In 2020 she was awarded a PhD in Organisation Studies at the University of Nottingham with the thesis "Materialising Careers: The Role of Artefacts in Career Making".

Research interests: careers, materiality, creative industries, qualitative research methods


Disciplinecodes: Organisatie- en managementtheorie (05020609), Organisatieel management (05020610), Cultureel management (05020603), Bedrijfsmanagement (05020602), Human resource management (05020604)


Betrokken bij de volgende opleidingsonderdelen

Academiejaar 2022 - 2023


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