De heer Jonas VOORTER

De heer Jonas VOORTER

Over mezelf

Jonas Voorter is a PhD researcher in environmental law at the faculty of law at Hasselt University. His researches focus on the legal analysis of Belgian and Flemish legislation in order to facilitate and promote the transition to a circular economy in the construction sector.

He studied law - bachelor and master - at Hasselt University and graduated in 2016 (cum laude). After his studies, he worked for three years as an attorney-at-law at the bar of Limburg (Hasselt). During this period, he developed an interest and expertise in construction law, environmental law, public procurement, general administrative law and sustainability. Next to his activities as an attorney, he worked on various research projects at Hasselt University under the supervision of Prof. dr. Bernard Vanheusden. In 2019, he left the bar of Limburg for an academic adventure and started his PhD research.

Apart from his research activities, Jonas is also part of the Facultary Management Team and is the president of the alumni organisation of the faculty of law of Hasselt University (Phylexa vzw). In his spare time, he likes to watch Star Wars (and other geeky stuff), read good books, go for a jog or for a yoga session and spend time with his wife, family and friends.


Disciplinecodes: Milieurecht (05050208), Administratief recht (05050201)



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