Mevrouw Josymar Astrid (Josymar) RODRIGUEZ ALFONZO

Mevrouw Josymar Astrid (Josymar) RODRIGUEZ ALFONZO

Over mezelf

Josymar Rodriguez is an activist and architect from Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a master’s degree in architecture specializing in spatial justice from the University of Oregon, USA. She is a founding director of Incursiones, a laboratory striving to transform the city’s shared spaces and dynamics through projects that expand the range and quality of interactions between the environment and its inhabitants. Their projects range from temporary installations to small-scale infrastructure in self-built settlements, exhibition design, and education. Josymar is a Ph.D. candidate whose work centers on spatial transformation and participatory design in the research group ArcK, University of Hasselt.


Disciplinecodes: Andere kunsten niet elders geclassificeerd (06049999)


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