Mevrouw Lindsay EVERAERT

Mevrouw Lindsay EVERAERT

Over mezelf

Hi! Glad you’re interested in reading my biography. I am a PhD student at the research group U-RISE. In 2015, I started my Biomedical Sciences studies at Hasselt University. For years, I was fascinated by questions such as “Which effect has maternal hormonal disbalance on fetal development during pregnancy?”. After five years of medical research, insightful internships, and reading those 1352 pages of ‘Medical Physiology’ by Boron and Boulpaep (2012), my scientific interests were awakened even more. However, my passion to convey my knowledge to help others was not fulfilled. Hence, I started the Educational Master in Health Sciences at Hasselt University in 2020. The insights this study gave me, were enormous. The importance of qualitative education, from preschool to higher education, should not be underestimated. Furthermore, I got in touch with student-centered education forms that deviate from the well-known students’ passive involvement during lessons. One of these formats is called ‘embodied learning’ in which the brain and body work together to perform a learning activity. My theoretical knowledge expanded with practical experiences as a teacher to get insight in pupils’ and teachers’ needs, so my research ambitions could mature and become concrete. Early 2022 this plan wasn’t an ambitious idea anymore: a new educational PhD project at Hasselt University was established thanks to Prof. Dr. Wim Tops and Dr. Arch. Ruth Stevens. Together with my supervisors and other partners, we will focus on the role of embodied learning in adolescents, autism, cognition and general health, and we consider the importance of classroom (re-)design.



Disciplinecodes: Algemene pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen niet elders geclassificeerd (05030499), Curriculum en pedagogiek van lichamelijke opvoeding en ontwikkeling (05030109), Voortgezet onderwijs (05030208)


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