Prof. dr. Yannick BAMMENS

Prof. dr. Yannick BAMMENS

Over mezelf

I'm a Professor of Strategy & Innovation at the Faculty of Business Economics of Hasselt University. Before joining Hasselt University in 2023, I was an Assistant Professor (2008-2015) and Associate Professor (2016-2022) at Maastricht University. I've been a visiting scholar at BI Norwegian Business School and at Copenhagen Business School. I hold a BSc and MSc degree in Business Engineering (KU Leuven) and a PhD degree in Business Economics (Hasselt University).

My teaching deals with strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation management. On the research side, I'm interested in technology and innovation management, with a special focus on the advantages and challenges of midsized and/or family-owned companies. For instance, in recent research projects we look at AI adoption and the introduction of eco-innovations among this group of firms.

My work has been published in several academic journals (e.g., Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Research Policy) and practitioner magazines (e.g., Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review). I serve on the editorial review boards of Family Business Review and Journal of Family Business Strategy, and am recipient of the Schulze Publication Award.


Disciplinecodes: Andere economie en bedrijfskunde niet elders geclassificeerd (05029999)

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Publication list (last updated Sept. 2023):

  • Nieto M., Santamaria L. & Bammens Y. (2023). "Digitalization as a facilitator of open innovation: Are family firms different?", Technovation, vol. 128: 102854.
  • Bammens Y. & Hünermund P. (2023). "Ecological community logics, identifiable business ownership, and green innovation as a company response", Research Policy, vol. 52: 104826.
  • Bammens Y. & Hünermund P. (2023). "Using federated machine learning to overcome the AI scale disadvantage", MIT Sloan Management Review, vol. 65: 54-57.
  • Leute M., Bammens Y., Carree M. & Huybrechts J. (2023). "Ownership heterogeneity and corporate innovation output: A study on family blockholders and activist hedge funds", Family Business Review, vol. 36: 254-280.
  • Bammens Y., Hünermund P. & Andries P. (2022). “Pursuing gains or avoiding losses: The contingent effect of transgenerational intentions on innovation investments”, Journal of Management Studies, vol. 59: 1493-1530.
  • Bammens Y. & Hünermund P. (2021). “How midsize companies can compete in AI”, Harvard Business Review, digital article.
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