De heer Youssef HUSSEIN

De heer Youssef HUSSEIN

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PhD researcher with two related master degrees in Neuroscience & Biotechnology, Alexandria University, Egypt, as well as Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Marmara University, Turkey. Driven by a cross-disciplinary background, my research aims to utilize an inter-disciplinary approach encompassing neuroscience and movement science to optimize the application of non-invasive brain stimulation in augmenting neurorehabilitation on one hand, and to assess the rehabilitation outcomes signified by physiological measures, body balance, and motion analysis in patients with neurological disorders on the other hand. 
Founder of Street Doctor NGO concerned with Neuroscience


Disciplinecodes: Revalidatiewetenschappen niet elders geclassificeerd (03040599), Revalidatie (03040504), Fysiotherapie (03040503), Kinesitherapie (03040502)


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