Disability-related and other support

Reasonable facilities

Studying with a disability

  • Are you a student with a disability

  • physical disability
  • hearing impairment
  • visual impairment
  • chronic disease, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.
  • dyslexia
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • AD(H)D
  • developmental impairment
    e.g. tic disorder, developmental coordination disorder (DCD), developmental dysphasia, developmental stutter
  • psychiatric disability
    e.g. mood disorder, anxiety disorder, etc.
  • another functional impairment
    e.g. dyscalculia, functional impairment of pain functions, skin and related structures


is the loss of function

- permanent and long-lasting: actual or expected loss of function and/or preventive follow-up required for at least 12 months 
- serious: do you experience an impact on your academic activities.

Then you can register as a student in special circumstances to use facilities in teaching and evaluations.

Do you have a specific problem that lasts less than 12 months? E.g. broken wrist, pregnancy, specific complaints but no diagnosis ...
Please contact your academic advisor to see what arrangements are possible.

  • What certificates do I need? What facilities are possible? 

As a recognized student with a disability, you can apply for facilities during teaching and exams.
For some functional limitations, minimum facilities have been approved.
If there are no approved minimum facilities for your disability, you can request extra facilities via your student file.

What certificates do I need to submit, and what facilities can I appeal to?

  • How to apply for facilities?

As soon as you enrol at UHasselt, you can apply to be recognized as a 'student with special needs'.

- Through your student file - special circumstances - you can upload the necessary certificates and apply for facilities. 
- After registering via your student file, the disability officer will invite you for an intake interview to discuss your expectations and possible facilities and guidance. Students with dyslexia will receive an invitation for an information session. 
- You can request facilities at any time during your academic year. 
- A request for examination facilities must be completed at least 15 working days before the start of the examination period in question.

Are you requesting exam facilities for retakes? Except for force majeure, a request for examination facilities must be submitted at the latest 15 working days before the start of the last first examination opportunity period of the academic year.

- For the practical organization of specific facilities (e.g. moving examinations, ...), you need to contact your academic advisor in time.

  • What after recognition as a student with a disability?

Your recognition applies to your entire study career at UHasselt.

The granted facilities apply to your entire program or temporarily.
We always treat your data with the necessary respect for your privacy.

If any problems and/or conflicts arise from the granted facilities, you can contact the ombudsperson of the program.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Els Swijns, disability officer

Studying in other circumstances

Do you belong to one of these groups?

  • Athlete
  • Performing as an artist
  • Working in employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family care
  • Other special circumstances

Register as a student in particular circumstances.
This will allow you, where necessary, to make use of extra facilities for education and evaluations.

  • How to apply?

- As soon as you enrol at UHasselt, you can apply to be recognised as a 'student in special circumstances'.
- Via your student file - Special circumstances, you can start your application and upload the necessary certificates.
- You can do this at any time during the academic year and throughout your entire study career.
- A request for examination facilities needs to be completed at least 15 working days before the examination period in question.

  • You renew your application annually.
  • You take the initiative to register as a student in particular circumstances.
  • Which certificates do I need to submit?

What certificates do I need to submit, and what facilities can I call upon?

Read the criteria (pdf, 45 KB) you need to meet as a sports student.

Is this the first time you are applying for a sports status (cat A)? Submit your application before 1 September.

We always treat your data with the necessary respect for your privacy.

Corona facilities

We distinguish two types of corona facilities:

  1. the possibility to take on-campus exams online for students in mandatory quarantine.
  2. the possibility to take online exams on campus for students who cannot take a digital exam at home due to environmental or social circumstances.

1. Do you have exams on campus, and are you unable to participate due to mandatory quarantine?

Students who are not allowed to come on campus because of a (possible) corona infection (in quarantine because of a corona infection / convalescing from a corona infection): take on-campus exams off-campus during the quarantine period.

Are you ill (Corona or other illness)? Then follow the instructions that generally apply in case of absence due to illness.

  • How to apply?

Send your medical certificate (from a general practitioner or Corona test centre) no later than 1 working day (= 24 hours in advance - Monday - Friday) before your exam to faciliteiten@uhasselt.be. In your e-mail, state all on-campus exams you should take during your quarantine period (title of course unit, teacher, day and time of the exam + exam format).

We can't guarantee an online exam for students who are told to quarantine or inform us about quarantine less than 24 hours (working day - Monday - Friday) before their exam. You follow the same procedure (email to faciliteiten@uhasselt.be with medical certificate). If it appears that it is no longer possible to organize an online exam, you must follow the process that applies in case of absence due to illness.

If you are eligible for online exam(s), the study coach will notify you by email of your allocated facility. The facility is also added to your electronic student file.

Take into account the possibility that your online exam takes place at the same time as your on-campus exam.

Assigned Exam Facility:

"The student is entitled to digital exams/evaluations for all courses in his / her study path in the academic year 2021-2022, for which an exam/evaluation takes place in the period of quarantine. These exams/evaluations are not scheduled on the exam days that are provided for make-up exams. This facility cannot be granted for internship courses and practical courses for which physical presence at the internship / UHasselt campus is necessary to be able to evaluate the relevant period. The exact date and/or time at which the digital exam is taken may differ from the time when the on-campus exam for the course unit takes place. The digital evaluation form can also be different from the on the campus exam form."

2. Do you have online exams?

Students who can demonstrate that, due to environmental factors or social circumstances, they do not have a PC and/or a quiet place with a stable internet connection to follow the online educational activities and/or take digital exams.

How to apply?

- Indicate in time (preferably at least 7 calendar days before your exam) why you want to take which online exams you wish to take on campus.

- Mail to faciliteiten@uhasselt.be and add the completed document "declaration of honour".

- The study coach informs you via email about the facilities you have been granted and add them to your electronic student file.


The study coach keeps copies of the documents and certificates required for your registration. We treat this information with the necessary respect for your privacy.

If you have any questions regarding Corona (e.g. high-risk patient), send an email to faciliteiten@uhasselt.be.

If problems or conflicts arise as a result of the allocated facilities, you can contact the ombudsperson of your study program.


Still have questions? Contact us!

  • Top sports

Katleen De Wit, sports coördinator 
011 26 81 16

  • Working student

Study coach of your faculty

  • Own company/business

Els Huysman, PXL-UHasselt StudentStartUP
011 26 87 20

  • Artist

Study coach of your faculty

  • Other special circumstances

Study coach of your faculty

  • Disability/functional impairment

Els Swijns, disability officer
011 26 90 08