Advanced Microscopy @UHasselt

  • Development of cutting-edge microscopy
  • Application of imaging in the life/material sciences
  • Imaging consultancy and services
geavanceerde microscopie geavanceerde microscopie


  • Visualize processes and structures on a multicellular to subcellular scale in living and fixed samples.
    [Brightfield, fluorescence, confocal, slidescanner, TEM, Incucyte]
  • Investigate molecular interactions and dynamics with high spatio-temporal resolution.
    [FRET, correlation spectroscopy methods, single-particle tracking]
  • Zoom in on the nanometer scale using super-resolution light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy
    [Airyscan, SIM, SMLM (dSTORM, PALM, PAINT), SOFI, TEM]
  • Apply non-linear imaging methods for deeper penetration and label-free imaging.
    [Two-photon excitation microscopy, SHG imaging, White Light generation]
  • Probe cellular activity by combining fluorescence imaging with patch clamping.
    [patch clamp fluorometry]
  • Study long-term cell proliferation, migration, or survival in a controlled environment


  • Cell culture, incubation, fixation
  • Histological preparation of samples
    » Paraffin embedding and sectioning of soft and decalcified tissues
    » Resin embedding, ultrathin sectioning and tissue contrast staining
    » Critical point drying for SEM specimens
    » Bone microtomy
    » Standard Histological stainings: Haematoxylin-Eosin, Masson’s Trichome, Alizarin red S, Alcian Blue, Cresyl Violet, Oil red O, …
    » Immunohistochemistry/-cytochemistry and immunofluorescence
geavanceerde microscopie geavanceerde microscopie geavanceerde microscopie


Confocal set-ups

  • Zeiss LSM880-Airyscan-NLO
  • Zeiss LSM510-META-NLO
  • SpectraPhysics MaiTai DeepSee 100 fs pulsed titanium sapphire 690-1050 nm

Widefield set-ups

  • Zeiss Elyra PS.1 (widefield, TIRF and super-resolution)
  • Nikon Ti2-E (ultrafast widefield with large field-of-view)
  • Leica stereo microscope M60 with camera IC80HD (animal facility)

Bright field and fluorescence microscopy

  • Leica DM4000LED (with color camera DFC450C)
  • Leica face-to-face microscope (multi viewer DM2000 LED with camera)

Slide scanner

Zeiss Axioscan Z1(automatic slidescanner, both brightfield and fluorescence)

Incucyte Live cell analysis system

Multiplex assays in 6/24/48 and 96 well plate format; 4x, 10x, 20x objectives, phase-contrast and fluorescence images (in green and red channel)

Electron microscopy

JEOL JEM-1400Flash 120 kV Transmission Electron Microscope (+ Correlative light-electron microscopy)

EM sample prep (Cryostats and microtomes)

  • Cryostat Leica 3050
  • Cryostat Bright OFT-5000
  • Microtome Leica Histocore Biocut
  • Sample preparation: Leica EM ICE - high pressure freezer
  • Cryosubstitution: Leica EM AFS2 - Automatic Freeze Substitution System
  • Ultramicrotome Leica UC6
  • Ultrastainer Leica

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  • Fee-for-Service: performing the relevant experiments for you
  • Facility access: once trained, you can perform experiments independently
  • Consultancy and training: guiding your experimental set-up and training researchers at your location or at our facilities
  • Research collaboration: open for joint grant applications when the project is complementary with our own research lines and goals


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