Sports Medical Research Center

  • Sports performance testing and training in elite & recreational athletes.
  • Healthy lifestyle screening and evaluation (with focus on cardiometabolic health).
  • Low to high intensity physical activity, body composition and nutrition are key to a long healthy lifestyle.
  • Personalized test & evidence based healthy lifestyle programs
Sports Medical Research Center Sports Medical Research Center


  • Understand and improve sports performance: Exercise physiology and sports medicine related to (elite & amateur) sport performance, muscle contractile properties and energy metabolism in a wide range of sports activities ranging from low to supramaximal intensity.
  • Curative Healthcare: Applying sport sciences and exercise physiological methods/principles (training, periodization, supplements, …) to remediate/treat inactivity/sedentary behaviour & disuse associated with diabetes, obesity and a wide range of e.g. chronic diseases.
  • Preventive Healthcare: Health & lifestyle screening preventing chronic diseases.


  • Exercise testing (human, animal).
  • Muscle strength testing/evaluation (human, animal incl. muscle biopsies and muscle fiber evaluations) and histology.
  • Body composition testing (DEXA scan).
  • Energy metabolism measurements (high-energy phosphates, glucose/glycogen, mitochondrial function & metabolic pathways).
  • Range of exercise physiology related animal experiments (muscle & hind quarter perfusions, hind quarter suspension, muscle sampling, heart perfusions, OGTTs, rodent treadmill training …).
  • Elite sport testing (cardiovascular risk analysis, maximal graded exercise testing, isometric/isokinetic muscle strength testing, body composition testing including body fat and lean body mass analysis) with a focus on optimization of performance & rehabilitation.


  • DEXA scan (Hologic Horizon)
  • Exercise testing (Cortex Metalyzer, Cosmos – Pulsar, Lode – Valiant, Cyclus2, POLAR)
  • CARDIOflex ECG heart monitoring
  • Muscle strength (BIODEX System 4)
  • Bergström & Bard fine needle muscle biopsy procedure


  • ADLON Sports Medical Research Center: experts in tailor-made and test & evidence based personalized healthy lifestyle coaching of elite and recreational athletes
  • Limburg Clinical Research Center: a unique collaboration between Hasselt University, Jessa Hospital and the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) to improve healthcare, by combining both academic research and clinical practice.
Sports Medical Research Center


  • Fee-for-Service: performing the relevant experiments for you
  • Consultancy: guiding your experimental set-up
  • Research collaboration: open for joint grant applications when the project is complementary with our own research lines and goals


dr. Leen Willems

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