Trace: heritage & adaptive reuse

Trace has a focus on the emerging discipline of adaptive reuse in architecture and heritage, developing a theoretical framework from a designerly approach. Studying the historical context of a building or site, we identify and select specific traces - defined as bridges between past and present - of tangible and/or intangible (re-)sources as anchors for the design process. Exploring the spatial potentialities and the poetics of the existing, we consider the transformation of buildings and sites from within.

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Our research

This website gives an overview of the research of Trace and its links with the international Master of Interior Architecture. It is also a portal for the cahier ‘TRACE – Notes on Adaptive Reuse’, an annual peer-reviewed publication by the research group TRACE.

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Koenraad Van Cleempoel

Koenraad Van Cleempoel
Head of research domain Trace: heritage & adaptive reuse

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