Welcome rector

Dear alumna,
Dear alumnus,

Welcome (back)!

You may remember how we told you when you graduated that this university will never let you go. From the moment you stepped out of the Diepenbeek or Hasselt campus, you entered a new community. That of more than 20,000 graduates from LUC, EHL, PHL and UHasselt. A gigantic network that reaches far beyond the borders of our region. And one that grows every year.

With our alumni activities, we want to maintain and expand the bond with those thousands of talented alumni. After all, this is the place where you spent a lot of your time (in the auditorium, the classroom, in the library or in the agora…). Where you made friends for life. And where you met teachers who stay with you for more than one reason. Also the place where you undoubtedly collected a whole backpack of impressive stories about your student life…

As your alma mater, we remain curious about you. And we would like to hear and see you. That is why we ask you, every now and then, for your (critical) opinion. And we would like to invite you to one of the many lectures, symposia and other activities on our campuses. Be sure to keep an eye on this website for any updates.

Good luck with whatever else you do.

And hopefully see you soon, at one of our activities!