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Foto Technologie Foto Technologie

Life Sciences & Health

Sports Medical Research Center

Sports Medical Research Center

Multiple Sclerosis onderzoek in vitro-to-patient toolbox

Multiple Sclerosis research in vitro-to-patient toolbox


Serum based analysis of chronic systemic inflammation

Axial Spondyloarthritis

Immune biomarkers for diagnosis of Axial Spondyloarthritis

Carbon Black

Fast and Label-Free Detection of Polluting Carbonaceous Particles: a Gap in the Diagnostic Market

Progressive MS target

Boosting second messengers: a novel approach to stimulate repair in progressive multiple sclerosis


Angiogenesis in vitro to in vivo toolbox

Flow Cytometry Unit

Flow Cytometry Unit

geavanceerde microscopie

Advanced Microscopy @UHasselt

Architecture & Arts

Retail Design Kick-off Platform

Retail Design Kick-off Platform


Sketch Atlas

Experience Design Generator

Experience Design Generator

Imo-imomec / Limburg Clinical Research Center

Tumescence Measuring Wearable Patch Tumescence Measuring Wearable Patch

Tumescence Measuring Wearable Patch