De heer SeyyedMostafa (Mostafa) BAHADORNIA

De heer SeyyedMostafa (Mostafa) BAHADORNIA

Over mezelf

Holding a diploma in Mathematics and Physics, I pursued a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at Yazd University, where I specialized in Inventory Management and Facility Layout Design within regional industries. My academic journey continued with an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering at the University of Tehran, concentrating on Supply Chain Management, Risk Modelling, and Meta-Heuristic Solution Algorithms, culminating in two scholarly publications. For the subsequent seven years, I bridged theory and practice by applying principles from Operations Research and Statistics to tangible challenges in the pharmaceutical, fashion, and fruit industries. Presently, I am embarking on a Ph.D. at Hasselt University, driven by an academic quest enriched with a pragmatic outlook. My research is focused on Data-Driven Decision Making and Supply Chain Optimization.


Disciplinecodes: Logistiek en supply chain management (05020607), Mathematische methoden, programmeermodellen, mathematische en simulatiemodellering (05020806), Operations-onderzoek en mathematisch programmeren (01010311)


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