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Statista Logo
08 Oct

2021-10-08: Subscription to Statista

After a pause of two years, UHasselt has decided to resume its online subscription to Statista.

SAGE Publications
16 Sep

2021-09-16: Subscription to SAGE Premier

Since 5th July 2021, UHasselt has had access to SAGE Premier: a comprehensive collection of international peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of disciplines, including Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science & Technology, and Health Sciences.

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14 Sep

2021-09-14: DMPonline

We would like to inform you through this channel that DMPonline, the application for creating Data Management Plans, has undergone a significant upgrade on 15/09.

09 Sep

2021-09-09: SODHA repository Humanities

We would like to introduce SODHA, a brand-new digital archive that is freely available to Belgian researchers working in the fields of social sciences and digital humanities.

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02 Jun

2021-06-02: Self-help books for study approach and personal development.

The student support team (study coaches and student psychologists) have selected a few books that you can use to work on your own.

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31 May

2021-05-31: Two new data stewards at your service

At the beginning of 2021, Ulrike Kenens and Jolien Berckmans joined the team of data stewards. Interested in knowing which data steward is responsible for your faculty, school, institute, or center? Take a look at our contact contact information!

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03 May

2021-05-03: Central support for three ELNs

An increasing number of researchers at Hasselt University have been raising inquiries regarding the implementation of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs), which serve as digital equivalents to traditional paper notebooks for documenting research data. To address this growing interest, we commenced testing the functionalities of several ELNs towards the end of 2020.

Springer Logo Neu
03 Apr

2021-04-03: Access to the Springer e-Book collection

Since 1st April 2021, Hasselt University has full-text access to all English-language and International Springer e-Books published from 2018 onwards. Only the so-called 'major reference works' are not covered by our license.

P Worldscientific (1)
26 Mar

2021-03-26: Science Writing and Professional Development Guides eBook Collection

Hasselt University now has access to the 'Science Writing and Professional Development Guides eBook Collection'. In this message, you will find an overview of all 18 titles in the field of writing skills and career development within STM (Science, Technology, Medicine).

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12 Jan

Since 12th January 2021, the University of Hasselt has had access to the French legal database 'Lexis 360'. 'Lexis 360' is a significant database for French legislation, case law, and legal doctrine.

11 Jan

2021-01-11: Subscription to IEEE Xplore

Since 8th January 2021, UHasselt has had access to IEEE Xplore, a full-text database of journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, electronics, and related areas.

04 Dec

2020-12-04: Access to e-bookcollection Elsevier

Since 1st December 2020, UHasselt has had access to the 'Freedom Collection e-Books' from Elsevier, including the backlist. These comprise nearly all monographs across all subject areas offered on the Elsevier platform (just under 20,000 e-books).