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02 Dec

2020-12-02: Muscle Premium, a comprehensive 3D atlas of muscles.

Building upon our subscription to the Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy and the previous purchase of the Human Anatomy Atlas, the University Library has now proceeded with the acquisition of Muscle Premium.

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01 Jul

2020-07-01: Subscription to journals American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Since June 2020, the University of Hasselt has held a subscription to 30 of the most prestigious physics journals from the American Institute of Physics (AIP).

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30 Jun

2020-06-30: Access to Wolters Kluwer Digital Book Platform

The Wolters Kluwer Digital Book Platform is now accessible at the University of Hasselt and in the Rechtsbibliotheek Limburg. The complete catalog comprises over 2,700 books across 13 domains of international law.

14 Apr

2020-04-14: Grammarly Premium version available for UHasselt users

The University Library provides UHasselt students, lecturers, and staff with complimentary access to the premium version of Grammarly, a writing and grammar checker that goes beyond merely highlighting spelling and grammar errors.

24 Mar

2020-03-24: Access to Strada lex Premium

Hasselt Univesity has entered into a new license agreement with Larcier, providing us with nearly unrestricted access to all content within Strada lex.

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10 Mar

2020-03-10: ASSER Series now available in Law Library Limburg (RBL)

The Asser series is the foremost knowledge source for civil law in the Netherlands, offering you authoritative commentary on civil law matters. The complete Asser series is now available in book format at the Law Library.

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18 Feb

2020-02-18: Easy access to journal articles with LibKey Nomad!

The University Library has a subscription to LibKey Nomad, a Chrome browser extension that provides quick and direct access to all scientific articles for which Hasselt University holds a license.

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24 Jan

The University of Hasselt has recently acquired four new legal journal subscriptions.

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13 Jan

2020-01-13: New Top Journals for the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences

This month, the selection of medical journals has once again been expanded. In addition to the already available journals and journal packages, we have activated 13 new premium subscriptions.

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08 Jan

2020-01-08: Access complete

Starting from 1st January 2020, the University of Hasselt has obtained a license for Complete from the Nature Publishing Group (NPG).

07 Jan

2020-01-07: Avery Index: switch from ProQuest to EBSCO

Up until 2019, the University of Hasselt had a contract with ProQuest. Starting from 2020, we established a new arrangement with EBSCO, among other reasons, to maximize the potential of the valuable Art & Architecture database (also provided by EBSCO).

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22 May

2019-05-22: Library Survey - Results 2019

Overall, you are content with our UHasselt university libraries (Diepenbeek Campus Library and Limburg Law Library) and their operations. In this message, you will find the key areas of focus and our corresponding action plans.