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16 Nov

2022-11-16: replaces GoPress Academic

On Monday, 21st November, UHasselt will transition to the digital press database From now on, you will have access to the consolidated content of all Belgian news brands through this online news platform.

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11 Oct

2022-10-11: UHasselt Guidance in DMPonline

To help you write your Data Management Plan (DMP) using the tool, you can now show the guidance from Hasselt University.

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10 Oct

2022-10-10: Open Access Week: event 'Open Science: connecting the actors'

During the international Open Access Week 2022, the Belgian universities, in collaboration with the Royal Library, are organizing the event 'Open Science: connecting the actors', on November 21, 2022 in the Royal Library in Brussels.

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12 May

2022-05-12: Time to focus @UHasselt Library with the Minute Office box!

Looking for enhanced focus? The flexible screen helps reduce external distractions, allowing for better concentration. For more information, inquire at the Campus Diepenbeek library desk.

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28 Mar

2022-03-28: Register for one of the Research Data Management trainings

The Research Data Management (RDM) team can provide guidance on data management planning, policies, best practices, tools, and more. You can directly approach them with your inquiries or refresh your data management knowledge through various (basic or advanced) RDM training sessions.

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28 Mar

2022-03-28: Increase the visibility of your datasets through the UHasselt metadata repository.

Describe your datasets in the metadata repository to have them displayed on your researcher profile and linked to your publications. You can upload your data in just 3 simple steps.

18 Mar

2022-03-18: Online access to a personal Legidex account.

Since April 2019, Legidex's Legal Tech has been available to UHasselt students and academics through the Limburg Law Library.

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25 Feb

2023-02-25: Introductiesessies RBL op dinsdag 26 september

On Tuesday, 1st March, introductory sessions will be held at Law Library Limburg for the PXL students of Legal Practice.

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14 Feb

2022-02-14: Fun News! Board games

In need of relaxation? Starting now, as a UHasselt student, you can borrow not only outdoor games but also board games.

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04 Feb

2022-02-04: Love (sensitive) data week

From 14th to 18th February, we will be celebrating the International Love Data Week! At Hasselt University, this week will focus on managing sensitive data (such as personal, confidential, genetic, etc.) during and after a research project.

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05 Jan

Explore our selection of e-books, freely accessible to both UHasselt students and staff, both on and off campus.

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19 Oct

2021-10-19: Access to Fast Facts e-book collection

Karger has granted the University of Hasselt full-text access to the Fast Facts e-book collection. This collection encompasses over 100 highly readable books filled with clear and pertinent information about specific medical conditions.